To truly detox your body, you have to 'un-toxify' your life.

Detox diets, cleanses, and intermittent fasting are helpful ways to rejuvenate our bodies, particularly if we continue to eat healthy afterward. Unfortunately, their effects are short-lived if we don’t also address the pervasive toxins in our home environment and personal routines.

We are constantly bombarded

We live in a crazy, industry-driven, chemical-filled, plastic-packed, and wifi-enabled world, where toxins are nearly impossible to escape.

From “food-like” ingredients and contaminated drinking water to polluted air and chemically-coated clothing, we are continually bombarded with junk that our bodies weren’t meant to handle — at least not at this elevated level.

We slather chemicals onto our open pores after a hot shower, inhale dangerous particulates as we spray our homes “clean”, and snack on chemical-filled foods while mindlessly absorbing the harmful radiation that emanates from our devices.

This constant influx is taxing our immune system and wearing us down — physically, mentally, and emotionally. And the more worn down we become, the harder it is for our liver, kidneys, lungs, and other key organs to process and eliminate these toxins from our body. And so they accumulate, only to wear us down even further.

It’s a vicious cycle indeed… but we don’t have to be a victim to it.

But here’s the thing

There are environmental toxins all around us (at work, the supermarket, the neighborhood, etc.) that we cannot avoid. But there are also plenty of toxins we CAN avoid.

We can make very simple and practical changes in our lives to greatly reduce or eliminate toxins in our lives — in our diet, our body, and our home. It may sound overwhelming, but it really doesn’t have to be. Toxins are pervasive and there are a lot of areas of our lives that we need to address. But making big sweeping changes is hard and often unsustainable. 

Create healthier habits one small shift at a time

By contrast, making small shifts over time can create healthier habits that you’re more likely to stick with. And these small shifts toward healthier products and practices translate to big health changes over time. The more we lower the toxic burden on our body and boost our immune system, the more energetic we feel and the healthier we become.

The concept is simple: by reducing the toxins around us that we CAN control, we make it far easier for our bodies to handle those we cannot. It makes sense, right?

It is with that purpose in mind that I created Greenopedia.com and, now, The Greenopedia Academy.

Each course focuses on a specific aspect of wellbeing within nutrition, skincare, or home environment. And each will walk you step-by-step toward replacing harmful chemicals with natural and toxin-free solutions. You’ll learn how to make your own products, as well as how to choose healthier options at the store.

There is no time limit to the classes, so you can move forward at your own pace! Implement small changes one-by-one and let them become a natural part of your routine before tackling something else.

And above all else, enjoy the process!!

Yours in health,

Sheryl Ryan
Founder of Greenopedia.com
& The Greenopedia Academy