Make incremental shifts toward a healthier lifestyle

Makeovers are great… but it takes time to create habits that stick. Each course at The Greenopedia Academy will focus on a specific aspect of wellbeing within nutrition, skincare, or home environment and each will walk you step-by-step toward replacing harmful chemicals with natural and toxin-free solutions. You’ll learn how to make your own products, as well as how to choose healthier options at the store.

To truly detox our bodies, we have to 'un-toxify' our lives.

Detox diets, cleanses, and intermittent fasting are helpful ways to rejuvenate our bodies, particularly if we continue to eat healthy afterward. Unfortunately, their effects are short-lived if we don’t also address the pervasive toxins in our home environment and personal routines.

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Common DIY Natural Cleaning Ingredients
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Detox Your Cleaning Routine

You may already know that most commercial cleaners emit toxic fumes into your air. And if you’ve ever felt your eyes burning while cleaning the bathroom or had to leave the room just to catch a breath, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Like me, you may have also decided to pay extra for healthier cleaning products from places like Whole Foods because, well… it’s Whole Foods! Unfortunately, it turns out that a lot of so-called “green cleaners” aren’t much safer than...
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What You'll Learn

Lesson 1: Getting Started

After a quick overview of the class, you’ll find the Shopping List that includes the 3 key ingredients you’ll want to have handy for everyday cleaning. It also lists the ‘good to have’ ingredients for those who want to make their own wood cleaners and laundry products or add essential oils to their recipes.

Lesson 2: Commercial Cleaners

Learn how to spot the clever marketing that can make a product seem healthier than it really is. You’ll also test out the two most common (and inexpensive) natural cleaning ingredients, so you can see firsthand how they work.

Lesson 3: Safety Ratings

Learn how to find the safety rating for cleaning products you have at home using a handy online tool. And if you want to buy replacements instead of making them, no problem! You’ll also learn how to use the tool to surface healthier alternatives. We’ll also cover a quick and easy hack to disinfect your kitchen sponges.

Lesson 4: ‘Green’ Cleaners

On a good-better-best scale, the “green cleaners” you find at places like Trader Joes or Whole Foods often “better”… but not always. Unfortunately, you may be surprised by some of the cleaning and laundry products that earn a “D” or “F” rating, even at these healthier stores! We’ll take a quick look at what’s in them.

Lesson 5: Kitchen and Bath

Ready to do some real cleaning? First, we’ll take a quick peek at the ratings and prices of common cleaners vs. their natural alternatives for the kitchen & bath. Then you’ll make a few multi-ingredient recipes and put them to the test to see how effective they are.

Lesson 6: Time to Do the Dishes!

This lesson is all about the recipes. We’ll make a simple dish soap, as well as a great-smelling dishwashing powder. You’ll also learn a few easy hacks for removing stuck-on foods and getting streak-free glasses in the dishwasher.

Lesson 7: Bedroom and Living Areas

We’ll take a quick look at the safety ratings and prices for common supermarket cleaners vs. their natural alternatives, as we did in the kitchen & bath lesson. Then we’ll make a few fun and easy recipes to clean your wood furniture and flooring, as well as deodorize your rugs and carpets.

Lesson 8: Essential Oils

We dabble in essential oils in the earlier lessons, but here is where you’ll really learn what they do and how they do it. Then we’ll make some amazing smelling air freshener sprays and craft a range of amazing smelling blends for the diffuser.

Lesson 9: Clean Laundry

Learn about Mother Nature’s laundry ingredients and how to use them to wash, whiten, and soften your clothes and linens without harmful toxins. We’ll also make a liquid laundry detergent that works for regular and HE washers, as well as a natural stain remover.

Lesson 10: Bonus Recipes

Here you’ll find a few extra recipes that you might not use every day but are great to have. For example, we’ll make a great smelling spray to disinfect your yoga mat and you’ll learn a cool trick to clean silver jewelry and flatware naturally.

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